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New York Autoflowers

Buffalo Ice Boom Autoflowering Regular

Buffalo Ice Boom Autoflowering Regular

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Experience the power of our Buffalo Ice Boom Autoflowering strain, a potent and balanced blend of AK47, White Widow, and Sour Gorilla Cookies genetics. Based on the parent genetics the combination should result in robust and flavorful bud that is perfect for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. Enjoy the convenience of autoflowering and the benefits of top-notch genetics. This is an untested Freebie given with every order *while supplies last or $25 for 5 Seeds (Only 50 tester packs produced)


Behind the Name: 

The Lake Erie Niagara River Ice Boom is a line of buoys that reach from Buffalo NY across Lake Erie to Canada. The job of the ice boom is to prevent ice from flowing into the Niagara river and causing damage to the hydroelectric plant as well as flooding.

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